Drawing classes


Since August, I've been learning drawing technique in my weekly classes. The animation below shows progress to date as the female face comes to life. This has been a lesson in patience.
My classmate and I each started a portrait in graphite last summer. We've been drawing with David Mueller for a year, now. This portrait is hanging on my wall now with push pins, just above the light switch to my studio.

The drawing is result of a learning process that challenged me greatly and taught me a few things that I want to remember. The importance of laying a strong foundation of measured points and angles and squinting through eyelashes to see overall values. The differences between the world of light and the world of shadow, that nothing in light is as dark as what is in shadow. That shadow should be black and as flat as a pancake. That edges between light and shadow can be razor sharp or soft and feathered; and that I get to choose where the emphasis gets to be, and I indicate that by my choice of edges. That listening is important, and that doing as I am told is not as easy as I thought it was. That good work requires patience and time. That I tend to go for the details too quickly. That the forest comes before the trees, which come before the branches, which come before the leaves, which come before the buds.