Big Light


Big Light is a celebration of color and pattern inspired by a desire to stop "playing small" in the world. My ideas and opinions matter. Yours do, too. If we work together, we can accomplish so much more than any single person working alone. Together we are powerful beyond measure. I believe that there is a light in the world that is just waiting to be let out. The light has immense strength and it is given to each of us. The light is over-arching and amplified, it challenges us to be loud but kind, truthful but loving. The light is grace unfurled.

This painting is a dyptich, two 24x36 canvases framed in black and separated by 5/8" of black space between the two canvases. The two pieces create the whole. It was displayed at the associate member show at the Cincinnati Art Club in November.
Big Light, acrylic dyptich , 48.625" x 36". © 2015 Terri Schmitt LTD.
This painting is in progress, a study of the seascape, mountains and sky of Iona, Scotland. The home in the distance is in view from the ancient abbey.