Brad's Sheep


During my trip to Iona, Scotland in the fall of 2014, I photographed several sheep. As it turns out, people like sheep! I've done two paintings based on those photographs, one is this piece shown here.

For the longest time, I could not talk about this painting, because it was secretly commissioned as a birthday gift for a dear friend. The finished painting measures 42" x 24", custom designed to hang over a fireplace in it's gorgeous new home.

My friend says that the sheep painting "totally changed the room". This is, of course, so rewarding to me -- to hear how my artwork makes a positive impact in peoples' lives. He said, "The lighting effects are so serene and peaceful. They change in the morning and evening light. I have even slept better since I can look at them as I fall asleep."

I must admit, before the painting was delivered to St. Louis, the sheep looked pretty good on the mantle in our family room. I framed it with an elegant, dark wood. This piece was part of the Cincinnati Art Club's 125th Anniversary Exhibition at the Taft Museum of Art on July 5, 2015.



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